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HP Meme | Two Scenes [1/2]
     ↳ Harry and Hermione at Godric’s Hollow

Hermione had taken his hand again and was gripping it tightly. He could not look at her, but returned the pressure, now taking deep, sharp gulps of air, trying to steady himself, trying to regain control. He should have brought something to give them, and he had not thought of it, and every plant in the graveyard was leafless and frozen. But Hermione raised her wand, moved it in a circle through the air and a wreath of Christmas roses bloomed before them. Harry caught it and laid it on his parents’ grave.

As soon as he stood up, he wanted to leave: he did not think he could stand another moment there. He put his arm around Hermione’s shoulders, and she put hers around his waist, and they turned in silence and walked away through the snow, past Dumbledore’s mother and sister, back towards the dark church and the out-of-sight kissing gate.

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#Harry Potter    #Hermione Granger    #Harry x Hermione    #HP Meme    #PotterEdit    #Actual married couple Harry and Hermione    #I cry a lot during this scene    #It just means so much that it was Hermione who was the one by his side when he went to godric's Hollow for the first time    #THE ONLY ONE WHO NEVER LEFT *SOBBING ALWAYS*    #The thing that gets me is that Lily and James must have done that together    #They walk down the street arm in arm through the snow    #If someone was to look out of their window and see them they'd just think they were like any other young couple heading home on Christmas Ev    #*Eve    #EVEN IN THE BOOK THEY WERE POLYJUICED UP AS A MARRIED COUPLE    #I know I always end up back at 'it could have gone that way' but that JK quote is really impoirtant to us HHr shippers    #It's proof we didn't read too much into things because Harry and Hermione DID share something truly meanigful    #And I will never be convinced otherwise that it was important that Hermione was the one to go to his parents' grave with him    #WHOA LOOK AT ALL THOSE TAGS    #My first ship that will always hold a pretty massive place in my heart    #Excuse me    #THIS SCENE IS SO BEAUTIFUL    #AND IT'S BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN    #BOTH IN THE BOOK AND ON SCREEN    #AND DAN AND EMMA KILLED IT    #AND I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL THEY WEREN'T POLYJUICED UP IN THE FILM    #Deathly Hallows is a very shippy book for me    #AND BLESS OUR DAVIDS AND KLOVES    #All the HP directors actually...    #WINTER IS THE SEASON OF HARMONY    #1k    

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